November 28, 2021 – November 29, 2021 all-day
Kristoffer Bjerke
+45 60 78 98 90
BE ACTIVATED LEVEL 2, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK @ Copenhagen | Aarhus | Denmark

Now the fun really starts, based on the strong foundations you’ve built from Level One.

We’ll deepen your understanding and excitement of the techniques, and cover further Activations.

By now you’ll have integrated the Be Activated system into your work, and no doubt  you’ll have questions like… I want more – what’s next?!

You’ll learn how to apply the Activation techniques in wider functional situations, and w
e’ll address any blocks you might be experiencing with your clients.

We’ll cover more Activation techniques to really dig deep, and I’ll demonstrate full client assessment and treatment.

We’ll  build on your knowledge by applying the techniques to movement patterns, zones of transformation and exercise.  

I’ll introduce new concepts around visual field stress patterns, and we’ll look at breaking associated belief patterns.


Teacher: Douglas Heel
Assistant: Kristoffer Bjerke 


For more information and to book:  http://beactivated.dk/