Activation for therapists and trainers




People come to workshops with me for many reasons, but the most important one is they felt what activation did in their body and they want to know more.

When I was first running workshops the therapist and trainers loved the work and the process but were overwhelmed by how much they were learning on a workshop and asked if I could I create a reference for them to refer back too. This is it!

Then there were people who emailed me saying they had heard of the work, wanting to learn more, but they could not travel to where workshops were being held. This became the answer too.

At the start, this was a Cd-Rom set running with an incredible program called Microsoft Producer. It allowed a video and Powerpoint to run together and was an amazing way to teach. Over time Microsoft killed their product, and many businesses and teachers who were using this technology were left without any other options.

I converted to DVD and then to USB which people have continued to use. We were missing the slide to video, but it still did the job.

Well lockdown, with all its challenges, has made me become resourceful and find a way to bring back the original look and feel of the program.

So I bring to you BeActivated for therapists and trainers. A marking of time in the world of BeActivated.

This is where the framework for everything else we have done comes from. There is a lot more depth into physiology and theories than I cover in workshops. Someone reflected to me last week, that stuff I take for granted because it is what I have been doing for so long, is often difficult for people to come in mid-conversation. So this is where the conversation for therapists and trainers began. It is comprehensive and clear. It will give you a starting point into a way of thinking that can change you and the way you work with your clients (no matter what you do).

The body is amazing, we are amazing, and it is now, right now in the world when we need to remember this.

In this program, I talk of all the stress and chaos which drives our physiology. I had no idea where we would be today, so it makes these ideas even more important. As we empower ourselves and our clients we realise there are always more choices available to us.

If I am in fight, flight, or freeze, my options are limited. As we step out of survival, we can start to see new possibilities. These possibilities are always there. If your physiology is locked down, you will never see them.

this program will offer insights into what possible, as well as teaching you powerful techniques that disrupt and reset the body. And as our body gets stronger, so do we!

I hope you will enjoy learning the foundation principles that influence what we do today. Once your foundation is in place we can start building.