BeActivated Home Activation tool kit


These tools will help you deepen your Activation experience, to build strength and resilience, wherever you find yourself.

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The BeActivated Home activation tool kit has two essentials in the kit.  A Butt Bungi and the New Activation Tool. With the tool kit there will be an extensive online training program to give you insights in to the way you can more effectively activate and take care of yourselves.

The Home Activation Kit Includes:
1) Butt Bungi
2) The New Activator Tool
3) The online program to teach you how to use the tools and set up daily programs for yourself.
Bonus: Live Session January 9th, 2021 – Please Note last orders have now been taken for this event as we need to make sure your Home Activation Kit.
If you want to take part you need to order the Home Activation Kit quickly.  Due to Covid, Fedex only has one flight out of South Africa every Sunday.  When you receive your Home Activation kit, you email us and and send you the link to the online teaching.  You need to have your kit to take part on the 9th January.

The Butt Bungi has always been an important and favourite tool to Activate ourselves. We have people using these everyday to help keep their systems in the best place possible. Now is the time to pair that with the New Activation Tool.  Over the years I have accumulated over 50 activation devices from wood, plastic, metal, moulded, carved and even cow horn –  all have done the job.  It was only recently I found something that immediately made a difference to the way I Self Activated, and realised that together with the Butt Bungi is a great pairing for taking care of ourselves. The advantage to the New Activation Tool, is we can effectively activate the posterior activation points with the adjustable ball position and option of using it in the Butt Bungi, or without and up against the wall or lying on the ground.  It has been a while since I have been so excited to find something that can add to the effectiveness of me taking care of myself.



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