Workshop Series Level 1 – Australia




Welcome to the workshop series Level 1. This workshop took place in Sydney, Australia.

Come on into another workshop where you see the work and the stories unfold on the table. Again I have enjoyed editing and putting this together because workshops are always like a blur to me, so much happens. For those ever considering teaching, we need to manage and control the space, while having fun. When someone is on the table we are there for their highest interest, as well as learning for the group. Finding that balance is a dance and for me, I love it.

This workshop follows the framework we follow for all Level 1’s where we dive into the 123, mind, and body and then go deep into the body sequence. But no workshop is ever the same. Different people, different environments. You will see how the methodology remains consistent, but what we see and learn does not. That’s what keeps me coming back!

So come and am join me for another deep dive into level 1.