Workshop Series Level 1 – Dublin




So many people want to get more than just the training. They want the workshop experience too. In this program, we take you into the workshop from start to finish.

The hello session is a powerful part of the work, it is where we learn who is in the room and extract learning and ideas from the interactions. The teachings that arise have been recorded for the first time. Usually, cameras only start rolling when the official teaching starts, but as you will see, the teaching starts straight away. As we give meaning to what people say we find how the interpretation of the story can completely change the information, the data we collect. With better data about your client, you can help them more.

We will then move through the teachings of the 123 and then have 3 people up to see it in real-world scenarios. Again, any testing we do needs to have meaning and help us get a clearer picture of our client. We then always reflect this bad to them as it is their body and their challenge. We are here to facilitate a process, they must do the work.

We go into mind and body and see how it plays out in a group. As I say often, don’t take my word for it, you need to feel it in your own body. We would want our clients to be feeling the changes too.

And then it is on to the rollercoaster through the sequence, we have different participants up and we have different learnings. This is the greatest thing about this work. We could be doing the same thing with 10 different people and the framework and methodology remind the same, but somehow every time on the table it looks different and we learn different things. This is why after 16 years of teaching I still don’t get bored.

If you have been on one or many of our workshops you will know there is a huge amount of information happening at the same time. This is a time where you can sit back and take it in at a pace that suits you. You can go back and watch the parts where you feel you have not fully picked up all the information. There is a lot here – I know because editing this was a mighty challenge that has had me stuck many a time. But it was worth doing. There is so much beautiful human spirit when we do the work right. We are not just working to connect the neurological system to make the physical body perform better or overcome pain and dysfunction. We want to expand these possibilities into how people live their lives. The more understanding a client can take for ma session, the more empowered they are to make the changes needed in all areas of their lives. I hope you experience the joy and the frustration of being on the table, the aha moments, and how when things are not working out, we can use these moments for learning, because that is what we are all here to do anyway.

I love this work and I love sharing and teaching because for me the joy is when we understand just a bit more of our story.