Feel it.

“We can break through limitations in an instant and get the body working at unbelievable levels if we simply release it’s defensive patterns.”

The Be Activated system was developed to have immediately measurable and long-term results when working with the body.  It’s been quite a journey…

I kept questioning  ‘If what I’ve been taught was actually right – should it not work much better? Is this really the way we function?”
The body is such an amazing thing, yet the results seemed so limited.

Now I am very clear, if we do the right thing, the body will respond immediately.

I have been teaching this for over  a decade.  Not only can we overcome patterns of pain and limitation, but we can set the body on a new path that stops these patterns coming back, and allows the body to go from strength to strength.

Sharing and teaching these ideas brings me great joy and energy. People, their lives and their stories are amazing.  My role is to help facilitate you to unlock all that amazing potential.

Be Activated isn’t just about techniques, It is about helping you tune into to yourself, feeling what is right for you.

Your body knows what you need and the answers are usually way more simple than we think.

I always challenge practitioners on workshops with “What if everything you know to be true is wrong? And what if you were okay with that?” It means you stay open to all possibilities.

It’s what’s got me here, and I never stop asking it.

I look forward to working with you.


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