Don’t take my word for it, you must feel it for yourself

Douglas Heel is hard to describe…. an interesting guy who often surfs in the shark-filled waters of Cape Town, South Africa.  A physiotherapist and kinesiologist by trade, Doug seems part Tony Robbins and part Eckhart Tolle.  He presents without notes or a power point, but he can effectively teach for 20 hours.  I usually bore quickly and check my watch often.  With Douglas Heel, I didn’t want to miss a word.  Whenever I spoke, he looked at me with an unusual intensity.  His focus was freaky.  Doug spent the weekend barefoot, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, making 20 hours of work look easy.  Douglas Heel combined science and coaching with a calm, happy, zen-like passion.  I sensed the paradox of tunnel vision combined with an uncanny awareness of everything around him.

Tony Holler


Doug’s workshop eagerly left me as the listener taking responsibility for what I was taught.

I was made accountable for shifting direction in my entire approach towards teaching Pilates, and personal training. I quickly learned that my twenty plus years in the fitness industry meant little for these life changing insights.

Attending Doug’s workshops will challenge you on a deeper level. With his boyish smile he will humble you firmly yet kindly when speaking of the fundamentals of neural drive. Doug will show you how activation results in immediate change to the integrity of the body!

Doug will heighten awareness by taking you and your clients towards amazing new levels. Treating clients with this new skill is unlike anything I could have ever imagined!

If you want your mind challenged and blown, I Double Dog Dare ya to go and experience a new and improved you – you may walk in with doubts but you’ll walk out mesmerised!

Doug’s knowledge and passion for optimising the human body is infectious for all that attend. This work is light-years ahead of an industry with old stale concepts, approaches and ideas. This work is indeed life changing!

Kipling Solid

Owner - Kipling Pilates

“It’s changed the way I think about movement and exercise”

Georgina Ramos

Pilates Instructor

“Douglas has a fun, focused and irreverent presentation style. I’ve taken all of Doug’s courses, and I’ve finally got answers to some long-standing questions”

Joe Kelly

Functional Movement Specialist

Douglas’ work with companies provides a fresh and powerful mechanism to drive change at an individual and team level. It’s a profound and life changing process, and will shift gears in any business.
Douglas has a great warmth and passion, and a rare ability to demonstrate and transfer his knowledge.”

Mark Drewell

Senior Partner, Foresight Group

“I believe this course will change the way you work with clients & set you apart as a trainer. Prepare to be challenged on a personal and professional level.”

Jane Taylor

Personal Trainer

“Thought provoking, enlightening, makes you re-evaluate thinking/ practice”

Emma McCagherty

Human and Veterinary Physiotherapist

“An amazing course – I loved it, both for content and presentation. Doug’s teaching was superb. He is very perceptive, obviously talented, funny and thoughtful. The subject was just amazing and SO powerful. I have used it on my sports people and they LOVE the rapid results.”

Jane Lee

Podiatrist & Professional Clinical & Sports Masseur

I think it was refreshing and thought provoking. It made you re-think core stability/pilates/muscle imbalance completely. It also made sense but is controversial to well established theories. However, there was enough proof in the course to show it works.

Caroline Corner


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the awe-inspiring course you provided.  I have been on other courses that open your eyes… However your course was a level above!
I immediately starting practicing that very night after we had finished. I went to visit and friend and watch the Man U game, and albeit after a beer and a pizza he informed me he had a bad back; so I thought: why not start! Perhaps not something you should recommend; to start after a beer ha ha! I won’t say it fixed his problem but it certainly eased it!

Then when I got home my girlfriend complained of pain in her calve; so again I thought I’d give it a try. After doing all the tests and working on her calves, I got her to walk around the room…  ‘What have you done to my feet??!!’ To which I responded; ‘I have given you your arches back, which you have never had before- or since you were a baby!’ I couldn’t help but laugh!! I’m still laughing now as I type!!!

Anyway, I can’t wait to carry on practicing and see how many more feet I can change, lol!

Can’t wait for level 2!

David Della Cioppa

“Douglas has an incredible knowledge of the human body and it’s function. He’s passionate about what he does, genuinely cares for his students, and  truly knows how to listen.  My super hero!”

Nuno Santos, MCP

Physiotherapist & Clinical Manager

“I can’t believe how amazing and different I feel after Doug’s course… Happy, relaxed and empowered… Even if I do nothing else with what I learned other than just continue to be me it will have been more than worth it. Thank you so much Douglas”

Martha Wiekens

Senior Lecturer, Buckinghamshire New University

“I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the “hype” but it certainly did, and more!”

Christie Rouke

Senior Lecturer, Buckinghamshire New University, Sports Therapist

“Empowering and overwhelming!”

Anjali Bamrah

Physiotherapist , Sports Therapist

“Douglas Heel’s ‘Be-Activated – Level 1’ Workshop is, without question, the single best remedial-bodywork course I have attended – Doug really is one of the world’s very best experts in his field. The comprehensive array of techniques is tailored to individual weaknesses to instantly enhance muscle strength and performance and work in a faster and more efficient manner than any other remedial technique I have yet experienced.
In fact my own posture and movement has been completely transformed by  the ‘Be-Activated’ course; I have never felt such a rapid rate of progress with my exercise movement efficiency. It gives me yet another ‘secret-weapon’ I can use to enhance my clients’ health, wellbeing and performance!”

John Shirley

Physiotherapist , Personal Trainer

“As Doug Heel quotes “Imagine all you ever learned was wrong”. I have never been on a course where virtually everything works within seconds-unbelievable.”

Ian Gordon

Sports Therapist , Personal Trainer

“Doug is brilliant at communicating his knowledge, listening to people, and inspiring them. His ability to intuitively understand how to work with the body is amazing.”

Duarte Spinola


Doug’s course will blow your mind. You will see first-hand just how inventive the body can be. He is

compelling to listen to & his communication is by far the best I’ve experienced on any course.

Grant Taylor

“I can definitely see the benefits of the technique, and it does all make sense when applied to injuries and improving sports techniques.”

Anicka Graczyk

Sports Rehabilitator

“Doug has a simple and fun approach to teaching, which allows anyone who studies with him to really understand how to be the most effective therapist, and with such simplicity that you cannot but get great results with his techniques.”

Dean Griffiths

The course completely blew me away;  I cannot recommend Douglas’s work highly enough – rarely does a single course ‘change your life’ but this one did, and it was a complete game-changer in my success in summiting K2 this year.

Adrian Hayes

Record-breaking adventurer & K2 summiteer

“Amazing treatment method that achieves great results fast and tackles the actual cause of the injury rather than just treating symptoms.”

Teodora Aysakova

Physiotherapist & Pilates Teacher

“An excellent basis for understanding normal movement sequencing and how this can go wrong. From this you also learn techniques to improve the sequencing with dramatic results. It can help you treat those patients with a seemingly random set of injuries that are of course inter-related. Another huge benefit for me is that you can use this system to screen people for potential dysfunction.”

Lucy Hackney

How does one describe the qualities of a man who has transformed people? Whatever transformation Douglas has been through has allowed him to drop the ‘ego’ and competitive nature that is so rife in todays individualistic culture.
Douglas is a larger-than-life character who has the ability to see through the falseness that we all project and he makes no apologies for that – another one of his qualities – his honesty.
He has a innate ability to perceive people’s weaknesses, physical or emotional, but also to praise their strengths and show them where and how they can develop further strength in their lives. He manages to do this with people’s best and truest interest at heart, or he allows them to realise this themselves. He do this with the added quality of humour which puts people at ease.
He has an expansive knowledge and delivers it on a human level.
Last weekend the family and I were on the Isle of Jura  for the fell race and I achieved a long standing goal of going sub 4hrs for the fell run. I helped my brother activate before the run (claw toes and wide stance; he said he felt like his feet were buzzing as we walked to the start line…) and he knocked 1hr off his best time.

David Jackson

Physiotherapist, Police Rehabilitation

“If you have been doing the same old thing for years with varying degrees of success & have often sat down and thought ‘I am sure there is something else I could have done, what have I missed?’ Then Doug’s course will be your ‘light bulb’ moment!”

Gary Lambeth

Sports Therapist

Douglas is inspirational,  highly intuitive and joyful!
Be Activated training completely transform my approach to my work and ultimately my life. What I learned was astounding. I was in awe of the immediate and dramatic changes I experienced, and witnessed in others.  The profound training and mentoring I received from Douglas became my inspiration for the creation of ATP and his philosophy and techniques form the core foundation of my practice.
I love the look on people’s faces when they suddenly discover new found strength and connection with themselves… This technique is truly amazing, and the power is left in you own hands (literally)!

Simon Anderson

Movement and Performance Kinesiologist

What a journey! Be Activated has changed the way I train clients… What a rush when your clients get off the table pain-free & just overwhelmed with joy!!!

Today I started my day with a hug, after activating a client who had been in pain for over a week.  A few activations later she felt like herself again…Wow. Thank you Douglas. What a treasure this is for my clientele.

Josee Baillargeon

Personal Trainer, Nurse

“Doug’s absolute passion shines through when talking. He is very intuitive when working with people’s bodies, and and he’s very compassionate. He doesn’t allow intellect to get in the way of his work which allows him to work purely from his heart. A rare gift!”

Emma Jane Williams

Integrated Health Practitioner

All of us who use Be Activated have to resolve our issues first, in order to be able to help other people.

The first time you take a workshop everything you knew falls apart, but you know what you just heard makes sense, and you can’t continue the old ways anymore.  Then, as you start putting things together, you need to unpeel your own onion with your own issues in order to continue.  You do activations on people, have them done on yourself, and get stronger in the process.  Then it becomes quite a journey.  You don’t see your struggles as struggles anymore.  You see them as a path that was meant for you, and you never again look at things the same way.  What you perceived as struggles are just things that needed to happen in your life, in order to make you stronger.  Your relationships improve and you learn how to appreciate yourself more.  As you appreciate yourself more, people appreciate you more.

What I am trying to say is that once you take a Douglas workshop, it stays with you for life, and every aspect in your life changes, whether you know it or not. You know you have a journey and you don’t struggle anymore.  You have the tools to overcome difficulties and you are true to yourself in the process, so you get to know yourself a lot better too.

Tania Daianska

Trainer, Montreal

This course has been a tremendous help for me in assisting my athletes with mobility and flexibility issue’s we’ve been having.  The results are immediate and their endurance is noticeably better. This is by far one of the best educations I have received.

In the past, I have referred my athletes to Chiropractors and Sports massage therapist with minimal results. The Be Activated course has made a great impact on how I am able to help my clients train and perform better. The athletes, parents, and coaches have held their mouths wide open, in awe of what they are seeing.  I’m Completely sold on this system. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

Faipea Avaava

Athletic Edge Performance

“This course was stunning, Doug Heel was a great teacher and the content well presented, and the results obtained on our fellow participants were amazing. I have used it with excellent results in the week since I did the course. My clients are amazed by the concept and how different they feel after just one session.”

Richard Argles

Sports Therapist