Working together


A Powerful Mind/Body Reset For Peak Performance with Dr Tom Nelson

Dr. Tom Nelson trained with me awhile back. He has been doing game-changing Activation work  in the USA ever since.

For the past three years he has been implementing his work with great success at Nazareth Academy where he has served as team physician and football coach since 2003.

In November 2014 Nazareth won  the Illinois Class 6A First Sate Championship.

Dr Tom’s Family Practice at Prairie Medical Group has also been transformed with over 40% of his patients currently being treated with Activation.


Family Practice Physician – Be Activated USA

Dr. Eric Janota has been working with me for some years now.  A board Certified Family Practice Physician for 25 years, Edward Medical Group Co-director of the Southwest Division, and Board Member of the Illinois Health Partners, he has been treating patients using Be Activated techniques for the past three years.  His clientele range from patients in infancy to geriatrics.

By incorporating Be Activated in his medical practice he has experienced high success rates in treatment of musculoskeletal issues, improved athletic performance and injury prevention in patients of all ages.  Dr. Janota is also involved in teaching Be Activated principles and techniques to physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, coaches, athletic trainers, and interested individuals.


“Sprint guru” Chris Korfist’s Slow Guy Speed School does things differently to get the most out of an athlete.

Slow Guy Speed School is staffed by Chris Korfist, a “sprint guru” with an international following, who I’ve worked with for five years now.

With over 50 all-state sprinters and countless other high school all-state athletes, and over 20 years experience, Chris works with what is appropriate for the athlete in the room, rather than being concerned about what the pros are doing ,or someone else journey.

All Chris’ athletes start with a Be Activated check to make sure all of their muscles are working in sequence. From there, he creates a program based on what the body needs based on his years of experience, studies with various experts and film assessment. His athletes will not only perform better, but will also be less injury-prone due to proper training and recruitment patterns. Movement and posture are the basis of his workouts.