“Dear Douglas,

image It was truly a pleasure being able to work with you the other day. The tools you educated us with have already made an impact on our season and influenced positive changes throughout almost everyone’s bodies; not only physically but mentally as well. We’ve been utilising your activation techniques for years, but for you to actually come and teach us was an extreme privilege that we are extremely grateful you gave us. Without this opportunity some of us would still have season changing difficulties and never reach our full potential. We know that, using the knowledge you provided us with, our team has the possibility to excel and become far beyond what we have expected it to be. Because of your amazing skills, we wouldn’t have expected you to come out to little old Montini. You gave us an edge that other teams don’t have and this is why we’re not only excited, but incredibly appreciative as well. We wish you the best on the rest of your journey with full confidence that you are changing many individual’s lives. 


Montini Girls Track and Field”

2011 Sectional top 3