It’s always interesting working with a sport you know very little about. But you’ve got to trust what you do know, and working with the Miami Dolphins was great fun.

My mornings were spent working individually with players.  The afternoons were spent teaching the athletics trainers and the strength/conditioning team, so they could continue the Be Activated work with the team thereafter.

The highlight of the week was doing a demo with one of the line backers – all 6 ft 11 inches & 365 pounds of him.  I put him in his rush position and then I knocked him over -3 times… As long as my sequence was good and his wasn’t,  I had all the advantage. Once we’d worked on his sequencing and activations, knocking him over wasn’t an option for me anymore!

The Dolphins went from played 16; won 1, to played 16; won 11 … and made the playoffs!