It is always an honour and privilege to work with a master, and Jack Nicklaus is certainly one of those.

Involved in a golf program in Miami, I had the opportunity to work with Jack Nicklaus at the Jupiter and the Bears Club.

There were some beautiful moments as we worked through the Be Activated sequencing:

When we managed to unlock something in his shoulder he got up and took a few swings, his son Gary immediately noticed that the adaptation his dad had previously had to make made to his swing because of the shoulder, was no longer there. His old swing was back.

Then we got him in the Butt Bungi. Once we were done with the exercises I asked him to step out of it, and he said something that still makes me smile each time I think of it: “Doug, I don’t think I have felt my butt for 20 years. I am going to stay in this Bungi a little bit longer”

I was back the next day, and Jack was raring to go.  We got my Golf DVD converted to the US system, and then I set him up with his Bungi and a daily program to continue by himself.

A few weeks later news reached me that he’d shot a 68 at the Bears Club, one shot off the course record! Not bad when you shoot under your age.