It’s common knowledge that Douglas Heel leaves an impression wherever he goes.. When I first met him in 2012 little did I know he would not only give me the tools to change the way I work, but that he would give me the mental stimulus needed to alter my pathway completely.

I’m a sports therapist. I’ve spent many years teaching followed by stints in professional sports, rugby union, football and ice hockey. At the time of that level 1 course in Sheffield I’d been working on my own, renting rooms in health clubs for about 7 years. To say I was getting a little disillusioned with working for 10-12 hours per day was an understatement.

Doug made me look at my professional life with a new vigour. Not only had I acquired amazing skills to produce outstanding results, but he revived in me the desire to succeed which I realised had been lost along the way.

Within 6 months of meeting Doug I had opened Kinetic, The Therapy Professionals Collective.

Today, less than 2 years later we have extended, my daughter has qualified in sports therapy and joined me, and I have a team of the best practitioners including; chiropractors, clinical pilates/yoga, sports podiatry, acupuncture, hypnobirthing and psychotherapy…and the list keeps growing!

For anyone wondering about going on one of these courses, a word of advice…..Beware!

If you don’t want this man to completely change the way you see your role as a practitioner, if you are quite happy with achieving 60% success with your clients rather than 100%….then maybe it’s best you spend your CPD time in a little less dynamic way…. Doug Heel is the ultimate game changer!