I’m a Pilates instructor and have attended level 1 of Doug’s course 3 times now, I’ve done level 2 twice.

People query why I would repeat the same course more than once, but every time has been a completely different experience for me, as I feel I’ve been a different version of myself every time I’ve attended.

My mind has been blown by Douglas’ level of perception about myself and everyone else on the course, and I’ve learnt something new and completely different because of meeting new people and discussing their experiences, and my once feeble self-confidence has gradually grown with each course.

The Be Activated technique has completely changed the way I think about exercise and movement- no small thing for a Pilates instructor. My self-doubt may have made my progress slow compared to others, but I now use the techniques with all my clients, with more success on a one-to-one basis, but my groups also now activate at the beginning of classes and practice the diaphragmatic breathing all the way through.

I feel less reactive to the world around me and the opinions of others, more emotionally stable, more comfortable in my own skin, more able to deal with life’s inevitable stresses.

I see amazing results with lots of my clients but there are some who don’t get amazing results and that’s ok. There are some who don’t like it and I no longer take that personally; if they don’t want to take responsibility and expect a magic wand to be waved in order to make them ‘better’ then they’re not the clients for me. The ones who feel that it is like magic are the ones who take on board what they’ve been taught, and go home and practice their breathing.  They change the way they think ,and self-activate regularly.

I can’t wait to keep practicing the techniques and keep improving. I’m sure I’ll repeat the course again at some point in the future but for now I’m just excited about life and very grateful for the new skills I’ve attained.

Thank you Doug, Nuno and Andrea, all of whom have touched my life in the brief time I’ve known them.

Georgie. x